Animal Dolphin Shape Writing Gel Pen


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  • The ice-cream shaped mechanical pencil is useful for kids, Artists, Illustrators for Drawing, Portraits, Hand Lettering, Sketching, and Illustrating.
  • The ice-cream shaped colourful pencil attracts your kids and inspires them for writing, drawing and etc.
  • With this pencil make your writing and picture colourful and attractive. Also refillable, just unscrew the top, pop in a re-fill and you are ready to write.
  • You can write smoothly with it, use for office and school pens, table decorations, signing pen, family use and etc. this is perfect gift for your kids birthday party return gift and also student fashion prize gift and for ice-cream lover.
  • Package: set of 6 (Colour as per availability)

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Out of stock