Shining Glitter Sparkle Solid-Color Wrapping Papers for Kids (Dark Blue) 10 Sheets in Each Packet


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  • Colorful and durable
  • No fading, safe and no pollution
  • A good educational gift for children, kids
  • Bright color can excite a child’s imagination
  • Iridescent paper with beautiful appearance
  • Suitable for multiple uses
  • Able to be used to make card, menu, memo,
  • craft or advertising
  • Sponge paper can let the child with ease,
  • stimulate interest in the fine arts activity and creativity, imagination
  • It is a handicraft class, art class, schools, kindergartens, early childhood center essential basic material by hand.
  • Used for wedding, party, venue decoration, etc. handmade material, decoration, the collage DIY material