Sheaffer Prelude 368 Mechanical Gold Plated Pencil


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  • Sheaffer prelude Pencil
  • Comfortable and balanced cigar-shaped profile
  • Takes the sheaffer pencil classic lead

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Out of stock

No matter what your style is, the Sheaffer Prelude Collection has a style for you.
The line features an array of finishes that appeal to men, women, business executives and working professionals alike. This fine writing instrument is used the world over and is revered for its high level of comfort. Its mid-size profile and smooth finish make it a favorite for those desiring an easy and pleasurable writing experience.
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  • Brand : Sheaffer
  • Product : Writing Instrument
  • Type : Mechanical Pencil
  • Model No.: 368-3
  • Body Color : Gold
  • Body Material : Metal