Sheaffer Agio 9003 Compact With Brushed Chrome Plate Finish Ballpoint Pen


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  • Agio compact brushed chrome /gt medium point ballpoint pen
  • Ballpoint pen medium point
  • Brushed chrome plate finish with 22k gold plate trim

3,000.00 4,000.00

Out of stock

The Sheaffer Agio Compact, handcrafted in America, is truly luxury without limitations. Its unique, compact size makes this pen easy to store in pockets, purses and handbags. Agio Compact is an elegant writing instrument that fits anywhere! When it comes to comfort, convenience, and style at an affordable price, Sheaffer’s Agio Compact products are the clear choice for writing enthusiasts everywhere. All finishes are designed and approved in accordance to Sheaffer’s strict quality standards.

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