Sheaffer Agio 453 Gold Tone Trim Fine Nib Fountain Pen

  • Brushed Chrome plate cap and barrel
  • 22k Gold plated trim
  • 22k Gold plated stainless steel fine nib
  • Features a resin grip for comfort and control

5,000.00 10,000.00

Like the finest grains of sand Sheaffer Agio pens exude a natural quality. Slim with a comfortable textured grip it’s a pleasure to write with a sophisticated and comfortable Agio writing instrument. The Sheaffer Agio pens are high quality yet affordable. This smart yet practical collection is a modern classic – with seven stylish finishes to match today’s lifestyle accessories.

Fountain pen features:


  • Brushed chrome-plated barrel and cap.
  • 22K gold-plated clip and trim.
  • 22K gold-plated stainless steel nib in fine size.
  • Twist-action piston convertor or Skrip? ink cartridges
  • Each pen comes in a pen case.



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