Palette Painting Knives of Various Sizes & Shapes, Stainless Steel Scraper Spatula Polished Brown Handle for Artist Canvas Oil Paint Color Mixing


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Painting Knife Set With 5 Assorted Knives Of Various Sizes And Varieties For Painting And Can Be Used For Various Creative Art Projects. – These Knives Have Good-Quality Blades And Can Be Used With Oil Paints And Alkyds. This Set Contains Knives Of Different Sizes And Shapes For Various Painting Needs. – Use The Appropriate Knives To Make Fine Lines, Knife Strokes Of Various Sizes And To Lay Paint In An Impasto Style. – Use Them To Cut, Create Lines, Scrape And For Different Painting Styles And Techniques. – These Knives Can Also Be Used To Scrape Off The Excess Paint On The Canvas Or For Removing The Dry Paint On The Palette. – The Knives Are Good Quality And Can Be Used By Amateur As Well As Professional Artists For Their Work. This Is A Great Set For Hobbyists As Well. – Even If You Haven’T Tried Knife Painting Yet, Why Not Start A New Hobby And Learn A New Form Of Art.