Flexible Tap Extension 360 Degree Rotary Anti Splash Expandable Head Nossle Water Saving Device Faucet Regulator – Multicolor

180.00 400.00

Royal-store (RS) water saving shower head is flexible and can rotate, arbitrary bending 360 degree. Compact, environmental & easy to install. Soft rubber material better sealed and leak proof.360-degree rotation and retractable design are very flexible.It can be mounted on a water tube. Reduce and control the faucet water flow, to prevent splashes and save water. The use of blade rotation, through the bottom hole spray out, buffer water pressure, play splash effect. Increase washing area, so as to play a certain role in water saving. This is ideal for kitchen appliances. Made of high quality material, anti-corrosion and rust-resistant, durable and safe to use. Convenient for washing vegetable, dishes and fruits. Can be directly set on the faucet, easy installation and simple.