ABS 20 Inch/55 cm Matt Black Cabin Club Hard Sided Luggage 360 Rotating Wheels Telescopic Handle Trolly Bag

2,200.00 4,000.00

Travelling in style is for the fashionably curious. For those of you who live by this each day; we present our repertoire of Cabin Club luggage; This Light weight soft sided easy to use bag includes the following size and weight Small Cabin Bag( 55 cm/2.80 kg) This luggage is made of 100 Nylon which a highly resilient light weight material and is very durable whereby it can easily withstand force and impact without any damage to the body . This uber-cool design not only makes your bag stand out from the rest; but also adds a pop of colour and glamour to your travel. Quiet airplane; multi-directional silent spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability. The luggage comes with an in-built side mounted number lock which ensures that no extra lock and key is needed to secure the contents of your bag. The lock is preset to 0-0-0 The hard shell is made from extra-thick ABS (even thicker than the competition); and has a scratch-resistant finish. The high-quality zips were designed for durability and reliability.